Grammarly Review: Why we use Grammarly?

Do you make a lot of grammatical and punctuation errors?
Are you confident what you’re writing is easy to read?

Don’t worry; you are not the only one to face these problems.

In this era of Messenger and WhatsApp, a vast majority of people have the habit of using the internet lingos. As a result, they make a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes while writing formal letters or articles, even If English is their first language.

However, even the best writers can overlook a mistake on their copy every now and then, especially when it comes to higher-level style and grammar nuances.

We recently discovered Grammarly, an online grammar checker, claims to make writing a lot easier by proofreading your content in real time as you type.

How Grammarly works?

This app, not only for writers, but for everyone suggests spelling, grammar, and style changes in real time, lets you select American or British English and you can select a writing genre, so Grammarly can edit for specific types of writing, such as academic, business, or casual genre pieces. This is very useful because you use different voices when writing for different audiences, and it’s great that Grammarly can adapt to different types of projects.

The software scans your text real-time for more than 250 types of grammar mistakes (100 in the free version) in six distinct writing genres. Grammarly also provides informative flashcards that can help you transform weak areas into strengths.
Once you create and verify your account, you can use Grammarly in 4 different ways both for Free as well as Premium account.

Free English Writing Assistant

Grammarly Browser Extension

The best way to use it is through Grammarly Browser extension. As of now, the extension is available only for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
Once you install the extension, Grammarly will check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation as you type on almost every website including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.
Unfortunately, this extension does not work with Google docs and some popular websites like Quora.

Grammarly Online App

Grammarly also has an online app where you can directly type your content, or you can copy-paste or upload your documents for proofreading. This app is especially helpful if you want to proofread the content to be posted on websites not supported by the browser extension.
This app is also useful if you want to write and edit your documents from multiple locations as Grammarly saves your documents on its server.

Microsoft Office Add-On

If you prefer using Microsoft Outlook to write your emails or if you are a business professional who has to prepare a lot of presentations on Microsoft Powerpoint, you can install Windows Office Add-on.
This Add-on seamlessly integrates all the Grammarly features with all your Microsoft Office Apps including Microsoft Word And Microsoft Excel.
It works just on Windows.

Grammarly Desktop App For macOS And WINDOWS

Grammarly has recently launched a native application for Windows as well as for Mac. To use it, you simply have to drag and drop a document into the application.
If you mostly write online, this may not be as convenient as the Browser extension, but it is the best alternative for Mac users.

Is Grammarly free?

Grammarly is a grammar checking software that comes with a free as well as a premium version. The latter comes with some additional features.

Limited free version includes just basic spelling and grammar checks. However, the free version of the Grammarly is free for the lifetime with no obligations to upgrade. So, if you are a casual user, you can use Grammarly as much as you want with no restrictions on documents scanned or mistakes corrected.

The paid version costs US $29.95 per month, US $59.95 per quarter, or US $139.95 per year. For this price, you get customized checks for different document types, a plagiarism filter, and a function to help diversify your vocabulary, among other extras.
When you purchase the premium version, you get weekly status updates that let you know how you’re doing, which was a nice feature. The updates tell you how many words the program checked as well as what your top errors were.

Grammarly offers 7 Day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their premium services. To get the refund, you just have to email them or raise a support ticket for the same.

Other Features

Check Your Writing Across The Web

Access Your Documents On Multiple Devices

Use Native Desktop Apps (WINDOWS and macOS)

Catch Contextual Spelling And Grammar Mistakes

See Explanations Of Grammar Rules

Access Your Personal Editor


See Definitions And Synonyms Via Double Clicks

Add Words To Your Personal Dictionary

Get Performance Stats Via Email

Grammarly vs. Human Proofreader

A lot of people have one question in mind:
Can Grammarly replace a Human Proofreader?
In short, no.

Grammarly overlooked several mistakes. It doesn’t always provide the context or feedback that a human proofreader offers.


Fast and accurate grammar and spell check

User-friendly and functional design

Works with almost all the website with ease

Improves the overall quality of your writing and catches overused adjectives and metaphors (premium)

Available as a web app, desktop software and as a Microsoft Office Add-in


Only works online if you get disconnected from the Internet, you must restart

Can only handle documents up to 65 pages

Premium monthly plan is a bit costly

Lacks support for Google Docs on desktop and Office on Mac

Missing apps for all of the other desktop productivity apps, such as Apple’s iWork Suite, Libre Office, and Slack